Where Is St. John in the Caribbean?

St. John is located in the U.S. Virgin Islands, in the northeastern Caribbean Sea. The area where St. John is is known as the Lesser Antilles, a group of islands that form the eastern edge of the Caribbean. Its geographical coordinates are approximately 18.3333° N latitude and 64.7333° W longitude.

What Is St. John Near?

The island rests between St. Thomas, about 4 miles to the west, and Tortola, part of the British Virgin Islands, which is about 4 miles to the northeast.

One of the best parts of visiting St. John is how close it is to other islands. Just a short ferry ride away, travelers can explore the island of St. Thomas, known for its exciting capital, Charlotte Amalie, and numerous shopping opportunities. If you've brought your passport, you can also take a boat to the British Virgin Islands. Each of these islands offers a unique experience of Caribbean culture and many natural wonders, making St. John an ideal hub for island-hopping adventures.

How Do You Get to St. John?

Once you know where St. John is in the Caribbean, you need to book a flight and find a boat to take you there. The island doesn't have its own airport, so visitors most commonly fly into neighboring St. Thomas. Numerous major airlines operate regular flights to St. Thomas from various U.S. cities. From St. Thomas, visitors can take a ferry to get to St. John. The Red Hook ferry terminal and Charlotte Amalie ferry dock offer regular ferry services at affordable prices. The journey is an opportunity to soak in the seascapes and embrace the Caribbean spirit before even arriving on St. John. Visitors also have the option of hiring private boats and yachts to take them from St. Thomas to St. John.