Lind Point Trail

The Lind Point trail winds comfortably through a woodsy environment leading you to a great overlook of downtown Cruz Bay, and onward to Solomon Bay beach and even furthur to Honeymoon beach.

This is the Virgin Islands National Park building.
You should definitely check out the little museum inside too.

The Lind Point trail begins behind the Park building.

The beginning of the trail.

Nice easy walking.

Then up some steps, across a dirt road...
These stairs would make it difficult for anyone on a bike.
These hiking trails are rocky and are nothing like the easy Central Park bike tours in NYC.

The path continues on...

Along the path there were masses of a type of crawling cactus
that seemed to be smothering everything it covered.

Here it is climbing a tree.


Our first directional sign.
We took the overlook trail.

Up and onward...

through rocky terrain,

and grassy spots...

To the overlook...

And Oh! What an overlook!

Then onward to this sign to the beaches...

Then the sign where you can go either way.
We went to Solomon first.

This is the fork with the above "hand" sign.
We took the left route.

Nice trail...

With some good views down to the water below.