St. John, USVI, Cottage Rentals

While many people choose to go the luxurious route when making reservations for their St. John vacation, others are more interested in a quieter and more intimate experience. Island cottages could be the perfect answer! Cottages are smaller, more affordable, offer a minimalistic and romantic touch to a great island vacation, and can offer many of the same popular amenities as other home rentals. 

These adorable smaller homes have a unique charm and come in a wide range of rates, styles, and locations around the island to fit every possible personality. These cottages are often placed in secluded areas to give guests the privacy they desire without sacrificing fantastic views of the white sand beaches and beautiful clear waters across the island.

You can find St. John, USVI, cottage rentals through several different sources, either by booking through a third-party app or by booking directly through the property manager. If you decide a cottage is the perfect setting for your St. John vacation, the best approach is to research properties as soon as possible and reach out to the owners to ensure their availability for the time you plan to visit.

Some cottage options you may want to look into for your romantic getaway include:

These are just a few of the many offerings for cottages on St. John. You can head to St. John Tour's villa rentals and accommodations page to view even more.

While villas have great appeal and are a popular option for visitors, don't disregard the various St. John, USVI, cottage rentals. The island features many small, intimate cottages perfect for couples who want a private getaway. The romantic setting of these cottages ensures you can enjoy each other's company while taking in all the beauty St. John and the U.S. Virgin Islands offer. With so many potential options, it's easy to find the perfect cottage in your desired location that meets any budget concerns. Enjoy one of the many unique St. John, USVI, cottage rentals with beautiful views that will feel like it was made just for you.