Leinster Bay & Waterlemon Cay & Trail

After touring the historic Annaberg Ruins, taking a dip at Leinster Bay is heavenly.
This .8 mile trail follows the old Danish road eastward along the seashore from the Annaberg picnic site
to Leinster Bay and Waterlemon Cay.

The beginning of the trail

The trail to the beach goes along the rocky waters edge

The rocks & boulders along the water's edge seem to be of all kinds and are quite interesting to look at.

We saw deer along the trail! Some parts of the trail go slightly in from the water through a shady wood.

As you continue along the path, the beach comes into view (still way in the distance).

Closer and closer...

There are numerous sandy places to enter the bay along the (rather long) washed-out road that takes you to the beach facing Waterlemon Cay.
Starfish, turtles, and spotted eagle rays are often encountered here.

Around this little island (Waterlemon Cay) is one of the best (if not the best) snorkeling locations
on all of St. John and comes highly recommended.


Such beautiful waters!