Cactus Tree

Old Tree at Kiddle Bay

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Cocos nucifera or Coconut Tree is a type of palm tree which produces edible fruit. The fruit is called a nut and has a white meat in the mature nut called copra. Copra is what is used to make coconut oil. Many things can be made out of the whole tree. The husk can be used for a mosquito repellent or to make rope. The coconut shell can be used for utensils, bowls, cups or many other implements. That is all from the fruit. A section of the frond can be used to make fans or brooms. A section of the side of the frond can be made into MANY different types of baskets, hats, birds, iguanas, mats, bowls and many other things. Anyways there are two types of coconut trees. A three year coconut tree, which are trees that bear fruit in approximately three years. Then there is the six year coconut tree, which produces fruit in about six years. There are two colors of coconuts. There is the green variety and then there is the orange type.