Music by Andy Gordon

Creator of the Dinosaur House in Calabash Boom, Coral Bay, St John

with violinist Brian Silber
1-Caribbean Blue
2-You Feel It Too
3-My Love and I
4- Mean Woman
5-Look In Your Eyes
6-Long Road
7-The Dance
8-Mystery Lady
9-If Only
10-Dance All Night
11-All The More
12-Endless Dreams


1-There Are Days
2-Is It A Miracle
3-The Life I Call My Own
5-Her and You
6-Captain Dee
8-It's Over
9-Moonless Night
10-One Look
11-Song To Chris
12-Now's The Time

If you wish to buy the Music CD "Dance Of Life" or "Now's The Time" please send $15 to: Dorian Atchison, Andy Gordon's widow

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Brian on left, Andy on right

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