Does St. John USVI Have an Airport?

When planning their vacation, one of the first questions potential visitors to the island have is "Does St. John USVI have an airport?" Unfortunately, the answer is no. There is no St. John USVI airport that you can fly into directly. However, there are several easy ways to get to the island that will keep your vacation headache free!

How to Get to St. John USVI

While there is no St. John USVI airport, the neighboring island of St. Thomas, which is six miles away, does have an airport. The airport code is STT, and once there, you will have a few options for getting to St. John, all of which require a boat.

Passenger Ferries

St. Thomas has a few different passenger ferries that transport visitors from St. Thomas to St. John. Once you arrive at St. Thomas Airport, you'll need to take a taxi to Red Hook on the other side of the island. From there, you can hop on one of these ferries and ride it to St. John. The ferries arrive at Cruz Bay, St. John, and take approximately 20 minutes.

Car Barge

Some visitors prefer to rent a car from St. Thomas and bring it to St. John. If this is an option you're interested in, you'll need to use a car barge to travel between the islands. These barges operate daily, so it won't be a problem finding one, but you may want to research potential parking spots in St. John before your arrival. You can reserve tickets online beforehand, but give yourself plenty of time to get from the airport car rental service to the barge. The drive between the two locations is about 35 minutes, and you'll miss a barge scheduled to leave a half-hour after you land.

Private Water Taxi/Boat Charter

Passenger ferries and car barges are convenient, but they mean sharing the trip with others. If you prefer more private accommodations, there are several water taxis and private boat charters available to take you to St. John. However, these options are more expensive than the public alternatives.