The Best St. John, USVI, Excursions and Tours

Experiencing everything St. John has to offer is near impossible. Between the expansive national park, deep blue waters, and sandy beaches, it's not easy to see it all. That's why we've put together a collection of some of our favorite St. John, USVI, tours and excursions for you to check out during your visit to the tropical paradise.

Ranger-Guided Tours

If you want to explore as much of Virgin Islands National Park as you can, the National Park Service's ranger-guided tours are the way to go. The park covers two-thirds of the island, and no one knows it better than them. The tours they offer can teach you about the native vegetation, the island's history, and much more.

Reef2Peak Tours

What makes Reef2Peak one of the best options for St. John, USVI, tours is the sheer variety they offer. Whether you want to explore the waters surrounding the island on a paddleboard, dive under them on a snorkeling trip, or hike to the highest points on the island, Reef2Peak has it all.

Island Life Jeep Tours

Taking in the island's beautiful landscape doesn't always have to mean going on a hike. For those who prefer something different, Island Life Jeep Tours provides a viable alternative to exploring the tropical scenery on foot. Bounce your way through the best views on the island with these rugged yet comfortable four-wheel-drive vehicle tours.

Lind Point Trail to Honeymoon Beach Hike

Two of the best things you can do on St. John are hike through its gorgeous terrain and explore the waters surrounding it, so why not book a tour that does both? This excursion provides a guided tour along Lind Point Trail that ends at Honeymoon Beach. At the beach, you can lay out in the sun, swim in the ocean, and take a guided snorkel tour through the coral reef.

Virgin Islands EcoTours

Virgin Islands EcoTours offers St. John, USVI, excursions of all kinds. From kayaks to hikes to snorkeling, everyone can find a tour that piques their interest. One of their most fascinating excursions for nature-lovers allows visitors to kayak and snorkel with sea turtles!