Where Is the Cheapest Place to Live in the Virgin Islands?

From the stunning landscapes and clear waters to the comfortable tropical climate, there are a lot of reasons to consider moving to the U.S. Virgin Islands, but it can be pretty costly. However, the cost of living can vary significantly between different islands. If you're trying to figure out where is the cheapest place to live in the Virgin Islands, you'll probably want to set your sights on St. Croix, but living on any of these beautiful islands can be an investment worth making.

1. St. Croix

St. Croix is the largest of the three main islands. It has an exciting culture, beautiful beaches, and plenty of options for entertainment. However, perhaps the most appealing aspect of living in St. Croix is its affordable cost of living. Housing costs, while often still expensive, are more reasonable compared to the other islands. These prices make it an attractive option for families on a budget who want to live in the Virgin Islands.

2. St. Thomas

St. Thomas is a major tourist destination with a higher cost of living than St. Croix. With a little research, though, you can find affordable living options on the island.

To find the most affordable housing options, consider looking at areas away from the main tourist sections. The neighborhoods removed from tourist hot spots often have more reasonable rental prices but still provide easy access to the many beaches and amenities.

3. Water Island

Water Island is a small island with a sparse population, and for those reasons, it's often overlooked by those moving to the Virgin Islands. The island is located just off the coast of St. Thomas near Charlotte Amalie and has a population of a couple hundred people. There are limited property options on Water Island, but you can find some at more reasonable prices compared to other islands. If you desire peace and quiet at your new residence, Water Island may make a perfect permanent home for you.

4. St. John

St. John is a small island but one filled with natural beauty. Approximately two-thirds of the island is covered by a national park, making it an ideal location for nature-lovers. Unfortunately, that also means that residential properties are limited, meaning higher costs. Further contributing to the high cost of living is its reputation as a popular tourist destination. If you want to live in this paradise, you should expect a higher cost of living.