Caribbean Resorts and Villas

The Caribbean islands have a lot to offer. Between their beautiful white sand beaches, gorgeous views of the clear turquoise ocean, rich cultural history, and consistently warm weather, they've become a favored vacation destination for people from all over. No matter what kind of trip you'd like, there's a Caribbean island perfect for you!

Since the Caribbean is a popular tourist spot, plenty of Caribbean resorts and villas are available to rent for your trip. Resorts provide luxurious accommodations and services where villas allow you to live like a local in a private home-away-from-home with an experience completely tailored to your desires and needs. Caribbean villas for rent are also the perfect option for larger groups because they provide plenty of space for everyone to be comfortable during their stay.

Find Available Caribbean Villas for Rent

Choosing where to stay during your next vacation is an important decision. You may decide to be near all the action and stay in a resort in town, or maybe peace and quiet are paramount to having a good time on your vacation, so you choose a Caribbean villa near the beach. There's no right or wrong answer, as long as you find a resort or villa that fits everybody you're traveling with! All you need to do is determine what Caribbean island you plan to visit, how many people are in your party, and where you want to stay.

Since tourism is the primary industry in the Caribbean, plenty of resorts and villas are available that fit every need. You can either check for availability and make a reservation for your Caribbean villa directly through the property manager or use a third-party service, depending on your preference.

St. John Tour offers access to several Caribbean villa options that will fit whatever size party you bring to the island. Our villas are scattered across the island in varying locations, so you can soak up the sun anywhere on St. John you want. Wherever you decide to stay, you'll find gorgeous resorts and villas awaiting you when you arrive in the Caribbean for your luxurious vacation.