St. John House Rentals on the Beach

St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands is a popular vacation spot known for its white sand beaches and the gorgeous blue ocean surrounding it. Its natural untouched beauty is the reason it's a beloved spot. The reason it's able to accomplish this beauty is because the Virgin Islands National Park makes up almost two-thirds of the island. This means that the land is protected from developers and human waste to keep the beaches pristine, the nature teeming with life, and the waters as clear as they've been for generations. Unfortunately, this means that if you're looking for St. John house rentals on the beach where you can open the door and walk a few steps to reach the beautiful shoreline, you're going to have a difficult time. Plenty of houses in St. John have ocean views but most of the beaches are protected by the national park so nothing can be built on them.

This doesn't mean there aren't any St. John houses or villas that sit by the beach! There are options available to you, it's just important to know that if a beachfront rental is your priority, you are likely going to have to book well in advance to ensure you have it for your trip. It's well worth the extra planning for yourself and your loved ones because at any time of day, you'll be able to walk out of your rental and find yourself standing on one of the many beaches on the island and there's no experience more beautiful than that! You can find beachfront house and villa rentals through a few different rental property booking sites.

Before you make any reservations, read the booking instructions carefully, as some properties may be booked through a third-party website while others may require you to reach out to the property owner to check its availability and make your reservations. Knowing the process can be helpful in making reservations smoother so it's all set up for your trip.