What is Off-Season in St. John, USVI?

There are plenty of reasons to visit St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands, such as the gorgeous white sand beaches, clear turquoise ocean, and beautiful scenery scattered across the island. Its great location makes it a perfect vacation destination almost any time of the year. However, there is an off-season and a busy season which may affect the overall cost of your vacation, as some rentals have different rates for different seasons. But what is the off-season in St. John, USVI, and how will that affect your travels?

St. John's Travel Seasons

St. John has three distinct travel seasons: the high season, the low season, and the holiday season. While each has a similar tropical climate and plenty of activities to keep the family entertained, there are distinct rates. The off-dates are generally considered mid-April through mid-December, but rates may vary depending on where you book. The high season occurs from mid-January to mid-April, and the holiday season is the transition period between the two, which takes place from mid-December to mid-January.

Typically, low season, also known as off-season, offers rates of about 30% less than the other seasons, which can add up to thousands of dollars that can be used to experience everything the island has to offer. This is the time of year when people are usually less likely to travel to the islands because the summer months get quite hot and humid. But it also means fewer cruise ships are coming into port, so fewer day visitors crowd the beaches in St. John, so you'll have much more space to yourself. Hurricane season is also one of the major factors travelers consider because it falls right in the middle of the off-season, usually September but sometimes August too. During hurricane season, there are fewer options in town as some locals may leave for a little while to avoid the potential bad weather. Overall, St. John is still an active vacation destination throughout the off-season and still enjoyable for tourists. So if you want to experience St. John without paying premium prices, off-season may be a great time to book your trip!