Drunk Bay Trail

The Drunk Bay Trail is .3 mile beginning on the left (east) at the end of the Salt Pond Bay beach. It follows along the north side of Salt Pond, and over to the shoreline where waves are always crashing and dangerous swimming conditions exist. But the entire beach area is a spectacle in and of itself with rock art scattered across the entire beach. All are welcome to leave their creative mark.

Along the trail are many various cacti
including pipe organ and barrel cactus.

The Drunk Bay trail passes the Salt Pond shown here,
along the left of the pond.

At first sight of the Drunk Bay panorama you will see many rock structures and artistic rock creations.

a rock goat...


Do you see the rock snake made with some fish netting that had washed up?

and many little rock people

Some folks have used other items they have found along the beach...

...to create interesting balancing structures

I became a rock person too   :)

A rock balancing feat

Wait...don't try this one!

and watch out for the ...

...slippery rocks!!