St. John, USVI, News Blog List: Best Sources for Island News

St. John is a tropical paradise celebrated for its role as a tourist destination, but it's also a thriving community that's home to thousands of people who care about its prosperity and well-being. Fortunately, whether you are a St. John local or a tourist interested in the latest happenings, there are several St. John, USVI, news blog options that can keep you up to date on all of the current events.

Here are five must-follow news blogs to help you stay informed and engaged with all things St. John.

On-Island Times

On-Island Times provides an insider's perspective on life at St. John. From hidden gems to the best eateries, On-Island Times reveals the island's lesser-known treasures. It also covers local issues and community initiatives, creating a sense of connection between its readers and the island's vibrant community.

News of St. John

Known for its extensive coverage of island happenings, News of St. John is the go-to source for daily updates. From events and festivals to wildlife and conservation efforts, this blog covers everything happening on the island. Its engaging and well-written articles make it a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Whether you're looking for travel tips or want to stay in the loop with local news, News of St. John has got you covered.

St. John Tradewinds

Stay up to date with the latest developments on St. John through St. John Tradewinds. This St. John, USVI, news blog focuses on delivering comprehensive reporting on current affairs, politics, and economic developments on the island. As a reliable source of information, it sheds light on topics that matter to both residents and tourists.

Virgin Islands Free Press

While not exclusively dedicated to St. John Island, the Virgin Islands Free Press includes regular updates on the island's news. As a regional news outlet, it offers broader coverage of the entire Virgin Islands but does not neglect to report on significant St. John events and stories. For a broader context and a regional perspective, this blog is an invaluable resource.

St. John Source

For those seeking comprehensive news coverage specifically about St. John, the St. John Source is a top choice. Founded in 1999, this publication reports on everything from weather forecasts to local business updates, serving as a one-stop destination for all things related to the island. With its strong community focus and commitment to delivering accurate information, St. John Source has earned the trust of its readers over the years.