Lameshur Bay Trail

This trail is 1.5 miles and connects Lameshur Bay with Reef Bay trail. It provides open, dry forest hiking. If you continue to the left at the junction with Reef Bay trail, it is another 1.3 miles to the Reef Bay beach and sugar mill ruins.

These pictures start at Lameshur Bay, and end at the Reef Bay Trail junction.

The start of the trail at Lameshur Bay

Most of the trail is relatively even and wide

at least for quite a ways..

Lots of cool nature to see..

and large cactus trees

some old rock walls along the sides of the trail..


At one point there is a fork in the trail, the lower (left) one
goes to the Reef Trail junction, the right goes to some old ruins.

A nice overlook at one spot..

We saw some deer in the woods, but were not quick enough with the camera..

We did get a pic of one of the many mongoose on the island.

Here we are coming to the juntion with Reef Trail.

At the junction is another sign, and we suggest
going on to the beach for a refreshing dip before
your return journey.