St. John, USVI, Images

St. John Island's tropical beauty is unmatched throughout the Caribbean. With its untouched natural beauty, picture-perfect beaches, and vibrant culture, the sights found in this paradise frequently leave its visitors in awe. Although nothing can replace the experience of seeing it in person, browsing through these St. John, USVI, images can offer a glimpse of what awaits you. From the beautiful beaches to the flora and fauna-filled hiking trails, the island's breathtaking scenery is sure to impress anyone.

Bays and Beaches

Caneel Bay

Home to seven different beaches, Caneel Bay is a must-visit for everyone on the island.

Image of a beach in Caneel Bay
View overlooking Caneel Bay, St. John
Maho Bay

Maho Bay's calm waters and relaxing atmosphere make it a perfect spot for a swim.

Palm trees along Maho Bay
The blue waters of Maho Bay, St. John
Maho Bay's long beach
Trunk Bay

Trunk Bay offers restrooms, showers, a snack bar, and even an underwater snorkel trail.

A view overlooking Trunk Bay's tropical shore
A panoramic image of people relaxing at Trunk Bay, St. John
Cinnamon Bay

Cinnamon Bay's long beach ensures that there's ample room for all of its guests to stretch out and relax.

The turquoise waters of Cinnamon Bay, St. John
Rocks and sand along Cinnamon Bay
A rocky section of shoreline along Cinnamon Bay
Donkeys near Cinnamon Bay

Hiking Trails

Reef Bay Sugar Mill Trail and Ruins

This hiking trail will take you on an exploration of the island's various flora, fauna, and history.

A man waking the Reef Bay Sugar Mill Trail surrounded by tropical plants
A tourist posing in front of some sugar mill ruins on St. John
A man standing outside of sugar mill ruins
Ram Head Trail

Ram Head Trail, though rocky at times, leads you to a secluded rocky beach followed by a spot 200 feet above the sea with a stunning view.

A woman on a hiking trail surrounded by topical cacti
A pebble-covered beach
Ocean waves crashing on a pebble beach in front of vegetation-covered hills
A view of St. John Island from the top of Ram Head Trail

Cruz Bay

Cruz Bay is the main town on St. John, filled with shops, restaurants, and more for you to explore.

Boats sailing in the waters of Cruz Bay
A boat pulled up onto the Cruz Bay beach
Wharfside Village in Cruz Bay, St. John
The Virgin Islands National Park visitor center