Eco Cottages



These unusual tent cottages offer luxury camping in a serene private garden.
Electric lights and refrigerator, hot shower, ceramic tile floors, a queen size bed,
and gas cook stove ensure a comfortable stay,
Take a break from modern life; experience voluntary simplicity;
listen to the stream trickling and the birds singing,
watch the moon and stars.




Cottage 1 is suitable for 2 people, cottage 2 could handle three,
a bare site is also located next to cottage 2 (photos pending)
Massage therapy and spa services are available.




per week
1 or 2 people
additional person
$ 15.00
per night
per night
1 or 2 people
additional person
$ 10.00
per night

Located about 1/2 mile out of town up centerline road.
Turn by the Pastory Gardens mini- golf course.

for reservations and information e-mail

Please send an email inquiry from each villa page of interest as each does their own booking