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Scuba Dive St. John with Us! Fun, Relaxed, Easy… Quality Semi-Private & Private Scuba Diving & Certification At Your Own Pace. We do personalized diving and certification for small groups of advanced or beginners but never more than 6 unless they’re all part of your party!

We dive sites less traveled and teach you at your own pace. See the Real Thing in the warm calm, clear, aqua Caribbean. We’ll keep you “In Your Zone” while you learn not slow down once you're diving. If you need special time, attention, or dive coaching, we’ll happily give it!

* Learn and Dive with fish and coral in warm, calm, clear blue shallow Bays!

* Try Scuba ~ breathe underwater, see turtles, coral and fish up close and personal!

* Get your PADI or NAUI certification or referral (Universal too)

* Advance your Scuba training with us ~Rescue, Underwater Photography,
    Peak Performance Buoyancy, Become a Divemaster, and many more...

* Do your Fun, Charter dives with just a few others on our NEW Twin Vee
    PowerCat (That’s a great stable easy riding dive boat!)

Together we’ll create your ideal day ~ where, what, when ~ seas and experience permitting.

Enjoy our favorite snorkeling and skin dives stops or tall tales at watering holes after diving.

Make it Your Day! Talk to us!

Dive St. John USVI with Us!

You want to learn to scuba dive in St. John, but put it off because of: waves, crowded boats, hectic pace, chaos? Or those early starts? Being pushed too far too fast?

Try Scuba In Your Comfort Zone ~ What Better to do with an Hour or Two?

See the Real Thing!
If you're not sure, before you invest time & money in Certification, try one dive with us. You'll learn scuba basics "In Your Zone" in warm, calm, blue Caribbean water with fish, turtles, & coral.

See the Real Thing!
Easy, Fun, and In Your Comfort Zone. Start from shore in warm, calm water, 3-6 ft. When ready we’ll visit a reef in 12 ft and move on when you want more! This counts as Dive 1 if you decide to get your Open Water Certification.

Scuba Dive St. John with US!

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Here's YOUR Chance!

You’re here in the Caribbean. The warm water’s here, within easy reach. One of St John’s most-referred-by-locals Dive Instructors is here. The pristine National Park Scenery’s Beautiful!
What better to do with an afternoon!


Diving St. John... Like Lying in the bottom of a champagne glass watching the bubbles float up!


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"I Did It!"

Get Certified in just 2 or 3 diving days in the warm, calm, clear blue Caribbean with fish, turtles, rays & coral!

In just 3 short fun-filled days, you can learn something new & experience a whole other world!

Gotta Love Learning to Scuba Dive
St. John, USVI, with us!

With our instruction, you'll become a diver, not just learn to do skills. You'll feel confident that you can take care of yourself, and that opens your eyes to the beauty of the underwater world! We take the time, all the time that is necessary to make sure that everyone knows not just the basics but all that they need to be safe and feel comfortable diving!

We recommend doing your first day from the beach and then the second day from the boat... This makes your first ocean dives go much more smoothly, no waves, peer pressure or schedule to keep and of course with us, there's never any crowding, since we only take 6 on our boat, and classes are usually smaller than that!

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We'll visit a reef in 12 ft and move on when you want more!

Never dove before?

Your first day we’ll dive in the pretty blue water with fish and coral. We start slow and easy. We'll work with you to develop your diving technique so you'll look like a idver when your complete our course... Important things that will make you a better, safer diver like breathing, trim, buoyancy. We give you time to practice and experiment, helping you find your own way! You do your reading at home or on the beach.

The second day, you’ll comfortably learn essential skills in shallow, calm water and dive the reef. With what you learned on the first day, this will be easy and painless and you'll progress rapidly! The third day out you’ll demo your skills and it all comes together... We'll do 2 great fun dives ~ lots of color, fish, life and coral-swim thru’s. We’ll do 2 painless theory sessions. Before you know it, you’re certified!

6-PAQ SCUBA (Pretty Awesome Quality!)

Make It Your Day!

Intro Classes
Cost per Person
Try Scuba: See the Real Thing
Open Water Certification: Referral-4 dives
Open Water Cert: Already Been Diving (2 days)


Open Water Cert: Starting from Square One (3 days)
Easy and Fun Refresher
Advanced Open Water
$125 Inst fee plus dives

*** Solo Classes, Specialty & More Training...
Rates vary depending on the class and time of year. Email for Specialty, Resq, Divemaster, DAN, or Instructor rates.

Fun Dives
Our Gear
Nite Dives
Boat Trips (per person)
St. John Out 'n Back
4-hr trip
Boat Trips (per person)
USVI 6-hr 2-tank w/snorkel
BVI 8- hr trip to Tobago/Jost
BVI 8- hr trip (Our Cadillac Rhone or other great trip!)

Note: Prices include everything you need to dive with us, and complimentary photos of your dives!

VISA/Mastercard accepted, but $ or check preferred to avoid the 4% charges and help keep costs down!

Snorkelers in your party ride at a $25 discount. 

For BVI trips please bring $20-50 cash per person for customs and a gas surcharge, depending on the trip.


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