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Weaving meaningful images out of strands of knowledge is one aspect of the art of Viki Brown. Powerful insights stimulate the eye into the viewers soul, connecting a message of feeling within. As you view the image,symbols for your soul will emerge. Your own interpretation is left open for you to feel.

Viki has a vision to create harmony by allowing her imagination to be a bridge that will take you into the etheric and into the celestial world. She allows herself to see behind the scenes of the great ocean of life and knows that there is only a thin veil separating the realities.

She has been painting the island’s beauty in plein air with oils, acrylics,and watercolor for
the last 20 years making St. John home base while sailing throughout the Caribbean.

Commissions available
All prices are for Original work in Oil, Acrylic, or Watercolor
Giclee prints available in two sizes
(11x14= Canvas $120. Fine Water Color Paper $100.)
(16x20= Canvas $175. Fine Water Color Paper $150.)

Flamboyant Joy
16x20 oil/canvas $800

Sea Fun
24x36 acry/canvas $4000

20x24 acry/paper $2000

Power and Motion
11x14 oil/canvas $800

14x18 water/paper $900

Ebb& Flow
11x14 acry/canvas $400

18x24 acry/paper $1500

Red Sails
20x24 water/paper $1500

20x24 acrylic/paper $1500

16x20 water/paper $200

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