Kelley Hunter, Astro-Mythologist
on St. John:

Star Gazing: Stories in the Stars
A star-struck combination of astronomy and cross-cultural mythology under the tropical night sky.
Find planets, different colored stars and constellations, some familiar, some new.
Hear star lore from various cultures—Greek, Hindu, Egyptian, Native American.
Return home feeling closer to the sky. Bring binoculars if you have them.

  • E-mail for weekly schedule
  • Family fun
  • Available for private parties and villa visits

The Trifid Nebula

Omega Centuarus (globular cluster)

Depth Astrology Consultations:
Planetary cycles offer unique insight into your life
Based on astronomical cycles, Astrology is an intuitive science that interprets planetary cycles in relation our lives, to discover cosmic meaning in our inner and outer worlds. Depth Astrology illuminesyour personal connection to universal patterns, indicating current themes and times of opportunity and change. Sessions are recorded.

  • Birth charts and current cycles
  • Children’s charts
  • Couples Astrology

St. John Star Lady Kelley Hunter, Ph.D., is an educator, mythologist and internationally known astrologer with academic background in depth psychology, philosophy and cosmology. Co-author of Astrology for Women, she writes about the sky for various publications and sends out Cosmic News, a bi-monthly e-newsletter. An engaging teacher and storyteller, Dr. Hunter has taught at several colleges in Vermont and has performed at Bread and Puppet Circus and the United Nations. She is on the Board of the International Society for Astrological Research and is Astrologer for the Self Centre at Caneel Bay resort.

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