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Gourmet Drop Off

Minimum Order: $100
Delivery Fee: Delivery Fee Will Depend on Location of Villa
Orders must be placed in minimum quantities of two
Except Middle Eastern Platter


Fantastic Starters to Plate and Serve

Lime Poached Shrimp with Toasted Sesame Seeds and Spicy Miso Dipping Sauce
Large Poached Shrimp Marinated in Ginger and Lime, Sprinkled with Black & White Toasted Sesame Seeds. Served with a Spicy Miso Dipping Sauce

BBQ Duck Confit Quesadilla
Flour Tortillas Stuffed with Tender Shredded
Asian BBQ Duck Confit, Queso Blanco and Avocado.
Topped with Homemade Salsa Fresca and
Crumbled Queso Blanco Cheese

East West Hummus
A Yin Yang of Two Kinds of Hummus Japanese Edamame Hummus & Middle Eastern Chick Pea, Lemon and Tahini Spread Served with Fresh Vegetable Crudité and Pita Crisps.

East West Ceviche Sampler (Serves 2)

Thai-Style Ceviche in Watermelon Cubes
Caribbean Shrimp and Lobster Ceviche
with Lime and Fresh Herbs Served in Cool and
Refreshing Watermelon Cubes
Caribbean Ceviche
Fresh Mahi with Mango, Sweet Onion, Lime and a
Sprinkling of Toasted Ancho Chile Powder
Japanese Ceviche
Sashimi Grade Ahi Tuna with Wasabi Flying Fish Roe,
Ginger Oil and Micro Sprouts
Served with Hot and Crispy Yucca Chips

Indonesian Chicken or Beef Satay with
Rustic Peanut Dipping Sauce

Tender Chicken or Beef Skewers Marinated in an Indonesian Style with Kejap Manis (Sweet Soy Sauce), Garlic and Spices and Grilled. Served with a
Rustic Chunky Peanut Sauce
Chicken - $13.00
Beef - $14.00
Combo - $15.00

Steamed Japanese Edamame Dumplings
with Ponzu Dipping Sauce

Japanese Vegetarian Edamame, Ginger and
Garlic Dumplings Steamed in a Bamboo Steamer, and
Served with a Ponzu Dipping Sauce with Chiles and Scallions $13.00

Asian Shrimp Cocktail
Poached Large Shrimp and Homemade Cocktail Sauce
with an Asian Chili Flair.

Korean “4 Alarm” Grilled Shrimp with Cooling Mango-Cucumber Raita
Large Shrimp Marinated in Garlic & Sunchang Gojuchang Hot Pepper Paste, Skewered and Grilled. Served with a Cooling Raita of Yogurt Blended with Fresh Mango,
Cucumber and Mint

Middle Eastern Platter
(Serves 8 - Buffet Style)
Hummus (Chickpea-Tahini Spread),
Tabouleh (Parsley, Cucumber, Tomato and Wheat Salad),
Herbed-Whipped Feta Cheese and Marinated Olives.
Served with Crispy Pita Triangles.

California Sushi Roll
Sushi Roll of Krab, Avocado, Cucumber and Scallions.
Served with Soy, Wasabi and Ginger

Fresh Vietnamese Lobster and
Mango Summer Rolls

Fresh Caribbean Lobster, Mango, Asian Vegetables, Herbs and Rice Noodles. Rolled in a Soft Vietnamese Rice Wrapper. Served with a Vietnamese Lime Dipping Sauce
Vegetarian Summer Roll (Available) - $12.00

Grilled Thai Rare Beef Summer Rolls
Marinated and Grilled
Thinly Sliced Beef Rolled
with Noodles, Asian Vegetables, and Basil, Mint
and Cilantro Herbs into a Soft Rice Wrapper and Served with a Hoisin-Peanut Dipping Sauce

Vietnamese Grilled Shrimp Summer Rolls
Grilled Shrimp, Soft Rice Noodles, Carrots, Cucumber and Mint, Cilantro and Miso-Sambal Chile Sauce
Wrapped in a Soft Rice Wrapper

Summer Roll Sampler -
All Three of the Above to Serve 3 - $55.00

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