Pacific Rim - Caribbean Fusion Cuisine  


Buffet Mains

Minimum $200 Order
Labor Fees: Please See "Important Information" Page

The Main courses are priced individually like all the other items.
Please keep in mind, however, that when ordering for a buffet not every person will eat a whole entrée of everything, but (hopefully) some of each item ordered.For example, if you have a party of 20 people and choose 1 Fish and 1 Meat Main Courseyou would order 10 of each, not 20 of each.

Main Courses - Seafood

Miso-Sake Marinated Sea Bass with Wasabi Mashed Potatoes and Asian-Style Asparagus
Our Signature Dish: Soy–Miso-Sake Marinated Sea Bass Grilled to Perfection.Served with Asian-Style Asparagus and Mashed Potatoes with a Touch of Wasabi

Grilled Spiced Caribbean Grouper Salad
with Fresh Mango and Grapefruit

Main Course Salad of Fresh Caribbean Grouper Rubbed with Regional Spices and Grilled.Served Over Organic Mixed Greens, Cucumbers, Teardrop Tomatoes, Fresh Mango and Grapefruit, and Tossed
with Chile-Lime-Mint Vinaigrette.

Salade Des Îles
Main Course "Salad of The Islands" with Grilled Lobster and Shrimp,
Baby Greens. Hearts of Palm and Tropical Fruits.
Tossed with a Classic French Vinaigrette

East West Jumbo Prawn Scampi
Grilled Jumbo Prawns in an East West Style with a Fresh Cilantro, Garlic, Ginger and Lemongrass Scampi Sauce.Served with Fragrant Jasmine Rice

Black Peppercorn and Sesame Crusted Sashimi Grade Rare Ahi Tuna Salad
Sashimi Grade Tuna, Rolled in Peppercorns and Black and White Sesame Seeds and Grilled Rare.Served over a Salad of
Organic Greens, Carrot and Daikon Ribbons, Cucumber and
Herbs with a Tangy Miso Vinaigrette

Pacific Rim-Style Caribbean Lobster Ravioli
Fresh Caribbean Lobster, Herbs and Aromatics Folded into Thin Gyoza Wrapper Raviolis, Boiled Until Tender and Then Pan-Crisped. Served with Local Organic Tomatoes, Fresh Basil and a Lobster Sauce

Grilled Mahi-Mahi with
Thai Red Coconut Curry Sauce

Fresh Mahi-Mahi Spritzed with Lime and Grilled. Served With Jasmine Rice, Stir-Fried Asian Vegetables, and a Mildly Spicy Thai Red Curry Coconut Sauce. Asian Cucumber Salad Served on the Side

Caribbean Lobster "Lolo" Style
16 oz. Caribbean Lobster Tail, Split and Grilled "Lolo" Style
(Over Open Flame - Sprayed with Seawater). Served with Lime-Butter,
Fresh Asparagus,Roasted Baby Red Bliss Potatoes
Market Price

Japanese Teriyaki Salmon with Shiitake Mushroom Sushi Rice Pilaf
Grilled Teryaki Salmon in a Traditional Japanese Bento Box with Shiitake Mushroom Sushi Rice Pilaf, Warm Cucumber “Noodles,” and Homemade Pickled Daikon Radish

Main Courses - Meat and Poultry

Pacific Rim Grilled Pork Tenderloin with
Thai Green-Chile Sauce

Pacific Rim Marinated and Grilled Pork Tenderloin Served With Crispy Yukon Gold Potato Wedges, Sautéed Christophène and a Thai Green-Chile Sauce. Topped with Asian Pear-Watermelon Relish

Japanese Spice Rubbed Beef Tenderloin with Plantain-Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes
Beef Tenderloin Rubbed with Japanese Spices, Grilled and then Sliced. Served With Ripe Plantain-Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes, Stir-Fried Organic Baby Bok Choy with a Shoyu-Mirin Demi Glace. Topped with Crispy Leeks and Plantain Chips

Grilled Caribbean Chicken "Mojito" Style
AFree Range Chicken Marinated in a Cuban “Mojito” Style with Rum, Lime & Mint and Then Grilled. Served withCuban Black Beans & Rice, and a Tropical Salad of Hearts of Palm, Tomato, Cucumber, and Fresh Pineapple

Warm and Spicy Thai Rare Beef Salad
Marinated Sliced Beef, Wok Charred Rare and Served Over a Warm Rice Noodles.Asian Vegetables and Baby Organic Mixed Greens,
Tossed with a Lemongrass Vinaigrette and
Topped with Roasted Peanuts

Tandoori Leg of Lamb with Vegetable Biryani and Homemade Mango Chutney
Grilled and then Roasted Boneless Leg of Australian Lamb Slow Marinated in Indian and Tandoori Spices. Served with a Saffron Basmati Rice Biryani Studded with Colorful Vegetables, Cucumber Raita, and Killer Homemade Mango Chutney

Grilled Flank Steak With Asian BBQ Sauce
Grilled Flank Steak Marinated in an Asian BBQ Sauce Served with Fresh Lemon-Butter Asparagus and Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Spiced Rum Rib-Eye
"Au Poivre"

Peppercorn and Garlic Marinated Prime Rib Seared, Grilled, Roasted and Then Thinly Sliced. Served with a Pan Sauce Deglazed with Spiced Rum & a Touch of Cream. Served with a Grilled Vegetable Tower & Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

East West Surf and Turf
The Ultimate Indulgence!

14 oz. Caribbean Lobster Tail with Lime-Butter and a 10 oz. Filet Mignon with Cabernet Reduction Sauce. Served with Creamy Mashed Potatoes and a Grilled Caesar Salad


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