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Dorian Atchison

Qualified Astrologer &
Tarot Card Reader

A Little Bit About Me:

I have been studying astrology and tarot since I was 11 years old when I taught myself how to erect and study astrology charts from books.
It has been a delight and fascination ever since. I consider myself highly intuitive, and this acute faculty definitely is used in my work.
I am now over 50, and still held in fascination every time I look at a chart or do a reading.

Allow me to help you look into yourself and guide you to further personal growth
based on what you came to this planet to accomplish,
what you have as yet discovered,
and what challenges you may be facing at this time.

I believe I can help you.

The Tarot readings are $20, and can be done for you long-distance as well.

Below is my price list for astrology work.
Feel free to ask me any questions or ask for something not mentioned in the price list below.
These are the most common charts and reports I am asked to do.

Astrology Price Sheet

Natal chart & Report: $50 emailed, $60 printed and mailed.

Transit (forecast) report for 1 year:
Highlights only: $30 emailed, $40 printed and mailed.
In Detail: $60 emailed, $80 printed and mailed

Relationship Reports
Synastry chart and report: $60 emailed, $70 printed and mailed.
Composite chart and report: $60 emailed, $70 printed and mailed.
Both of above: $100 emailed, $120 printed and mailed.

Progressed chart & report: $50 emailed, $60 printed and mailed.

Relocation map of World or US & report: $40 emailed, $50 printed and mailed.
Specific location & report: $20 emailed, $25 printed and mailed.

Family study: $70 emailed (for three or more in the family), $90 printed and mailed.

Thank You!
I hope to hear from you soon.

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