Calabash Views
'The Dinosaur House'

Outdoor Photos

Stairs      Dinosaur Seat      Flowers & Trees      The Driveway Wall

For more photos of the Koi Pond area, see Main level

Steps leading up to the driveway
as seen from the top level of the house


This wall still needs some front facing with flat rock.
Above the wall is the driveway/parking area.
Under this flat parking area (behind the wall) is a storage area.

A view of the steps going up from the main level front entrance

What a view!
(from steps going from top level to hot tub deck below)



The Dinosaur Seat

About half way down the steps on your left, this seat of stone has an armrest made of dinosaur bones.

The armrest of dinosaur bones (& dino egg shell fragments) up close


Trees, flowers and Yard


View of gardens from upper level deck


Hibiscus, purple allamanda, and a mussaenda bush
in the foreground


The first of the banana trees planted,
the only so far to have fruit.

Julie Mango tree


Lychee tree


Tommy Adkin Mango tree


Keitt Mango tree


Avocado tree



Gardenia bush
(and Widdle Kitty)


regular hibiscus



Nightblooming cerus


Double Peach hibiscus



Double hibiscus


Cymbidium orchid


Vanda orchid


Purple orchid


Plumbago bush


Star cactus flower
by the front entrance
main level



Hyacinth in the pond

Iris in pond


Nightblooming lily in pond


One of many orchids scattered in the trees

The Driveway Wall

and the detail of the wall, left to right...

Up Real Close..

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