Calabash Views
'The Dinosaur House'

Main Level

Inner living room & kitchen on the right
You can click on the pic above to get a clickable blowup for fossil/mineral detail
& then click around to see up close detail.


Inner livingroom wall with night-glowing naturally luminescent minerals up in top of wall,
and incredible specimins of fossils as well as minerals. Part of the rock of this wall is the mountain itself.

View out from main level livingroom..

The outer livingroom & view
The ceiling is super high - I think 20 feet or close to that.. which is unique and really cool too!

Dining area and front door




Main level bedroom
This room also has some minerals and fossils in it,
mostly on the wall behind the photographer in this pic as well as the corner 'columns..
I should find more pics of that wall and add them here.. so much to do..

Main level bedroom desk area

Main level Bathroom with open shower floor drain
(feeds banana trees)


Masosaurus replica lives above the inside of the bathroom door

Many conch shells adorn the bathroom walls


The Pond Area

Pond & Hot Tub

To see the minerals in the walls around the pond area, please go to the Minerals & Fossils page.


1,500 gallon Koi pond with waterfalls.
The pond has day lilys, night blooming lilys, hyacinth, iris,
and a host of fish life including nine 20-22-inch koi, a few smaller koi, large angel fish,
a few large plecho, and many other small fish.


The Koi are now more than 22 inches long


View from the Hot Tub

(These decks have all since been re-sanded & repainted in Spring 2011)

Main level deck covered patio
(under which is the 11,000 gal cistern)

View from main level open deck
(under which is the 5,000 gal cistern)

Understand, None of these pictures do this house justice,
and to truly experience it you need to come and see it for yourself!

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