Calabash Views
'The Dinosaur House'

St John, US Virgin Islands
Calabash Boom, Coral Bay


What an Incredible Evening View!

   the Great photos are by David Nevala (the so-so ones are mine)
Thanks, David!


This unusual 3 bedroom, 3 bath home is a one-of-a-kind creative masterpiece. It offers incredible views of the Caribbean and Coral Bay and is located on .29 of an acre about 200’ up on a hillside. The house is a rustic, creative art piece, a very unique museum-type house in that there are many fossils and minerals of all kinds imbedded in the steps and walls of the house interior and exterior. It is mostly built of stone and masonry, but the wood interior and upper level is mostly cypress and cedar.
The owner built it over a period of 14 years.
The hot tub was added on a middle-level deck (summer 06). .

The main part of the house is built hurricane-tough as it is solid rock and concrete and built into the mountain itself with shutters able to withstand at least 150 mph winds. All the neighbors came here for a hurricane party for hurricane Marilyn in '95. Plus the house is sort of in a fold of the hills and so missing the brunt of strong winds while still catching the great breezes.

It is the very last house on a concrete side road branching from the dirt road coming up the hill, so privacy is insured.
There are 55 steps down from the driveway to the upper level, and a total of 76 steps to the main level, and an additional 9 steps down to the lowest level. These steps and the handrail are also imbedded with minerals and fossils. As you descend the steps you feel as if you are entering a fairy tale abode.

The upper level of the house has been successfully rented as a one-bedroom vacation rental known as "Calabash Views" (these rentals ended April 30, 2011, and is currently being rented to long-term island residents) and has an indoor/outdoor kitchenette and can be considered as a self-sufficient unit. The view from the expansive deck (both covered and open) has been the draw for vacationers (and new owners!).

The main level houses the main kitchen, inner and outer living room and the dining area, one bedroom, and bath. On this level there is also a deck with a great view, a 1,500 gal Koi pond with waterfalls, and the hot tub. The living room boasts a 155 gal fish tank that would come with the house. Most of the minerals and fossils are on this level as well as the outside walls of the house, and all the stairs and stair wall going up to the concrete-paved parking lot.

The downstairs is also a self-sufficient unit in that it also has a kitchenette area, a bedroom/den and a bathroom. There is also a covered deck on this level. The laundry & pump room is also downstairs.

There are mango, lychee, and other trees along with bananas and papayas around the property.

The water source is rainwater collected in 2 cisterns. One cistern is 11,000 gallons, one is 5,000 gallons. All the water goes through an industrial water filtration system (including UV) before entering the house. The showers and some sinks feed the outdoor plants (& banana trees).

Click HERE to see the building of the house. Andy built the house with his first wife, Marie.



In Loving Memory of Andy, the creator of the Dinosaur House,
who passed away May 20, 2007


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