Calabash Views
'The Dinosaur House'

Minerals & Fossils

Living Room area Walls

A wide view of the inner living room area
Click the pic for a blow-up, and mouse around for detail..
There's even a section up high behind the wood (above Allosaurus) with
a bunch of naturally iridescent minerals (look down page) with a hidden black light so at night time they glow all kinds of neon colors.

Many minerals and fossils adorn the wall on the right as you enter the house.


A giant trilobite adorns the door to the electric box,
surrounded by many fossils to the left of the trilobite.


Many mineral specimins adorn the wall to the right of the trilobite.
There is also a section of the wall here that is a
part of the mountain itself.


Below the trilobite is a counter of polished petrified wood, with smaller shelf with geode inlay.


More minerals


More minerals adorn the window between
the kitchen and dining areas.

Above the kitchen/dining window is a large amethyst cave.


Above the door to the bathroom is a
large marbleized ammonite plate.


A replica of a hand of an early human ancestor.
To the left of the hand is agatized coral.

There are even more minerals and fossils on the wall below the shelf of petrified wood,
as well as in almost all the walls on the main level (bedroom too), indoor and out.


The fossils in this wall include a cave bear jaw, edmontosaurus teeth and bones,
hyracodon teeth, and a cearana fish fossil 120 million years old.


Pond/Hot Tub area Walls

The wall around the smaller deck on the main level is pointed in fine detail
with many minerals, fossils and shells.


This same area boasts a large azurite specimin and a large marbleized ammonite and orthoceras plate.


On the same wall is a real nice atacamite specimin,
and a barite rose.


This is the same deck area with great detail work, includes a few big chunks of malachite, some smooth, some druzy.


Blue is the azurite, above is the ammonite/orthoceres plate

The azurite is so beautiful, and this pic
DOES NOT DO IT JUSTICE, especially in the sunshine!

Detail work like you will not see elsewhere.


I have TONS of individual up-close pics of many of the minerals inside and outside this house,
so if you want to see even more, e-me:

Driveway area & Steps

As you pull in to the driveway you are greeted by an amethyst cave atop a beautifully detailed wall,
with fossils and minerals imbedded throughout.

For more detailed, close-up pics of this wall, see "Outdoors" page.

The steps are filled with minerals and fossils, coral and shell.


The wall on the left as you descend is also a
magical wonder filled with stones, coral, and fossils.

As you continue past the turn off to the upper level,
a beautifully stone-strewn handrail will guide you.


filled with just about every stone you could imagine.

The steps going up from the main level are a marvel










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