Building the House
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We begin to dig a hole... (24,046 bytes) We even hit dirt once in a while. (22,310 bytes) Rocky Land (23,868 bytes)Marie enjoying the view. (21,531 bytes)A few more rocks to go. (23,521 bytes)
At last a flat spot. (21,570 bytes) The first footer is ready. Jeff and I pour it by hand. Duh. (21,982 bytes) About to pour the big footer and slab. (22,856 bytes)Electric and Plumbing...OK... ready to pour. (26,347 bytes)Friends come and help. Thank you, thank you! (22,281 bytes)Jeff and Tif at the first big pour. There's a cement truck at the top. (21,768 bytes)
With the footer and slab poured it's time for walls. (23,419 bytes)And more walls. (20,088 bytes)Inch by inch.  (23,971 bytes)Marie at the job. (22,189 bytes)Rocks with a view. (21,287 bytes) The petrified wood and geode shelves. (32,492 bytes)
Marie goes to Big Bend and suggests putting a room under the deck. (21,202 bytes)Forgot to take pictures while Marie was away. (20,593 bytes)Our first room. (19,571 bytes)We lived here for about 4 years. (15,572 bytes)Upstairs the work continues. (22,045 bytes)
The dinosaur seat. The armrest is made of dinosaur bones we found in Texas. (20,139 bytes)Looking down from the dinosaur seat. (20,730 bytes)Step by step. (21,122 bytes)Didn't we see this one already? (22,798 bytes)Getting up to 12 feet. (20,736 bytes)Looking toward the kitchen. (24,258 bytes)
A Bronx guy looks up in wonder. Not knowing that years later he too would have a house on St. John. (20,717 bytes)Part of the ring beam for the poured roof. (20,028 bytes)Taking a break a few weeks before we pour the ring beam and ceiing. (21,003 bytes)Digging a flat spot for the fiberglass cistern. (31,520 bytes)Digging a hole in rock for the concrete cicstern. (19,570 bytes)Pouring the cistern slab. Again friends show up to help. Wow. (17,250 bytes)
Finishing up a couple of  weeks after the pour. (18,640 bytes)The deck attatched to the concrete cistern, over the fiberglass cistern. (21,819 bytes)Dougie brings water to our lives. Which leads to the next step. (18,790 bytes)The End! (9,214 bytes)